Evangelistic Teams

Eveangelistic Teams are subgroups of the Maseno University Chrisian Union from specific reagions all over the country
Main aim is to spread the word of God into the ethnic regions where the members comes from. This proves to be very effective

Eastern Movement Student Association

We parts of Embu county in whole

Eastern Movement Student Association

The eveteam usually meets on Thursday for prayers as from 6:30-7:30 and on Saturday for fellowship as from 6-8:30 pmThe eveteam slogan is GO YE. Emuseta has 9 dockets, Chairperson who is the overall leader of the eveteam, Vice chairperson who is in charge of disciplinary issues of the eveteam, he/she is also in charge of time and oversees the issue of instruments. Prayer secretary organises eve team prayers, prayer kesha and prayer retreat and also works hand in hand with other prayer coordinators. Mission coordinator organises mission and inreaches for the family. Board director in charge of all the board ministers. Treasurer the custodian of the eve team money. Secretary, she is the mam of the family, makes and passes notices to members and takes minutes in meetings. Vice secretary, works hand in hand with the secretary. Hospitality director she is the mam of the family, arranges for eve team meetings, prepares budget and eveteam meals during bonding and AGMs and provides water for the speaker.