Ministries provides service to the church through devotion. We do all the church activities pertaining the welfare of the brethrens and all inclusions


It is all about our voices, it praising with adoration.


Choir Family is a family of love,we have the zeal to worship and praise God through choir songs.Our slogan that motivates us each day is that we are defined by the love of Christ.We have a total of 60 active members.We have a sub-committe of accountability directors who are accountable for every member,our prayer co-ordinators concerned with our prayer life, treasurer and a programmer.We are here to give God all the glory and honor and to thank him for the gifts He has granted us. We have hikes,mass bash,,Our grand dinners, prayer Kesha,prayer retreats,our practices as from 1 on Saturday,our fellowships on Tuesday as from 6pm-8pm.