Ministries provides service to the church through devotion. We do all the church activities pertaining the welfare of the brethrens and all inclusions

Sunday School

Teaching, Giving, Directing and Sharing Knowledge of Jesus Christ to Children.

Sunday School

Sunday school ministry is a ministry under the outreach docket. We majorly reach out to children in and outside Maseno Environs. Some of the places we reach out are ;Maseno Girls boarding schoolMaseno Educational Center, Wonderland, Ack Maseno, Mabungo, JCC in Otonglo, Kima Revival church and Chulaimbo and ACK. We usually do our missions each and every Sunday all for the glory of God. We usually have our fellowship once a week. Usually happens on Fridays from 5pm-6.30pm in M5. Some of the activities we engage in in a Semester are; organizing charity events to Children's home, hike, bonding, prayer retreats training sessions and many more.