Evangelistic Teams

Eveangelistic Teams are subgroups of the Maseno University Chrisian Union from specific reagions all over the country
Main aim is to spread the word of God into the ethnic regions where the members comes from. This proves to be very effective

South Rift Evangelical Team

SORET- Is a body of evangelizing Christians bound together by a common faith in the only God and joined together by a common obedience to the great commission of our savior and the Lord Jesus Christ to Go and make desciples of all nation's.. Mathew 28:19.SORET is a non-politica, non-triba, non-profit making and non-denominational organization.

South Rift Evangelical Team

As Christians we have been created for good works ,but more often than not we fall below the standard.Paul dealt with the same issue among the Galatian Christians. He guides them on how to become fruit -bearing Christians .Let us see how we as Christians in our contemporary society can keep in step with the spirit and thereby become fruit-bearing Christian Galatians 5:1-6 1. (a.) According to VS 4 how is it possible to fall away from the grace? (b) In this regard what advice does Paul give in verse 1(b) (C)From what have the Galatians been set free and for what reasons? 2.Why will Christ be of no value to those who follow the law? 3.Paul says that the only thing that counts is Faith expressing itself through love.What things in our life do we exalt above the fact of our salvation and how would Paul's teaching help us? THE DANGER. Galatians 5:7-15 4.Who and/or what is Paul warning the Galatians against? 5.watch out or you will be destroyed by each other verse 15.What do you understand by this statement ? What remedy does Paul give? 6.In what ways are people or groups of people acting as agitators,or using false persuasions to divert believers from the course of Christ? Regards , Brian kibet, Discipleship Coordinator. God bless you all!!